Ideas for GSoC with Gentoo

Posted on April 8, 2011

This is a summary of my project idea for applying to Google Summer of Code 2011 with Gentoo. I’ve decided to work on a package statistics reporting and query tool, which is currently lacking in Gentoo.

Similar projects :

Motivation :

I was inspired by the way Smolt works, and would like to base my project on a similar design. Firstly, there’s a client software that runs on the user’s machine (as a cronjob, portage hook, or on demand) and sends list of installed packages, masked/unmasked status, use flags to the stats server. Each user has his own UUID which is generated at the time of installation. Also, when the server encounters a new UUID, it identifies a new user, and generates a password for him.

Once the user has submitted his stats for the first time, he can log on to the web application using his UUID to search/view his installed packages, use flags etc. Also, on selecting a package, he gets a list of packages, usually installed along-with, sorted by ratings.  If the user wishes to add a rating/review for a package, he needs to use his password provided earlier.

A dev can log on using a passkey, and search packages by maintainer/herd, no. of bugs, no. of tinderbox-related bugs, no. of users.

Any anonymous user can see a sorted list of most popular packages, most rated packages and package reviews.

I’m looking to use a RESTful web API for the client-server communication.

UPDATE : I’ve submitted my proposal, find it here