GSoC weekly report #2

posted on June 8, 2011


This is my second weekly report on the progress of my GSoC project. I was busy with my exams for two weeks, and it’s been a week since I resumed work.

Progress during the past week:

  • Requested packages to be installed on for deploying webapp (369679)

  • Rewrote the client code to be modular

  • Added more fields to the client, including stuff from emerge --info and package metadata

  • Updated the server code to handle the updated client data

  • Fixed bugs in the sql code

  • Started writing exception handling code for the client and server

Commit URL: 1b9697a090515d2a373e83b1094d6e08ec405c02

Goals for the next week(s):

  • Implement stats pages for the WebUI

  • Write ebuilds to deploy the client/server

  • Continue fixing bugs, handling exceptions