GSoC weekly report #5

posted on June 30, 2011

Hi everyone,

This is my fifth weekly report on the progress of my GSoC project.

Progress during the last week:

I’m getting the webapp ready to be deployed on vulture.

  • Wrote tests for the server

  • Update the code to use HTTPS rather than HTTP

  • Deployed the webapp locally using apache and mod_wsgi, configs are attached on bugzilla


  • I had mentioned compression as one of my goals in my last progress report. But after discussion, I’m postponing this goal until a beta server is up and running (since it could be done internally, or using mod_deflate on apache).

Goals for next week(s):

I’m going to concentrate mostly on the webUI now, adding more features, fixing up the webpages etc.

  • Improve/fix the stats pages

  • Allow user login/session management etc.