GSoC weekly report #7

posted on August 8, 2011

Hello people,

The package statistics project is alive and in progress. Over the last weeks, I worked on the following:

  • gentoostats-cli : A cli interface to the gentoostats webapp. You can do operations like :

  • gentoostats-cli list repo

  • gentoostats-cli list package –category=sys-devel –package=gcc

  • gentoostats-cli search –package=python –min_hosts=10

  • Better pages for the webUI, adding forms for package search etc.

I’m pretty much approaching the end of my project, and need some more ideas/feature suggestions. Some feedback would be helpful.

Some stuff I have in mind for the next few days:

  • Packages/Users vs Categories/Packages plots

  • Testing against various security risks

  • An ebuild for the server